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Inefficient routingEmpty miles. Inflexible fleet capacity. 

These were the realities for a Cardinal Logistics' manufacturing customer in the residential construction supply industry. Like many manufacturers, the company used a private fleet to transport raw materials and finished products.

But private fleet ownership and operation come with unexpected costs, uncalculated risks, liability, driver issues, truck and trailer maintenance… the list goes on. Needing to mitigate these concerns and focus on a growing business, Cardinal was asked to help.

Learn how Cardinal created a customized solution for this building materials manufacturer that:

  • Improved routing design for more efficient driver and truck utilization
  • Reduced empty miles and associated costs
  • Leveraged technology for micro- and macro-level visibility and control
  • Provided assurance that products were delivered on time and damage-free
  • Provided peace of mind that liability and risks were being mitigated and managed