Cost reduction

Controlling labor and operating costs


Improved technology

Enhancing visibility and avoiding investment

Risk management

Minimizing brand and business risk, liability, and related costs

Cost stability

Creating a predictable cost structure that can scale with growth

Increased visibility and control

Solving problems and improving daily operations in real time


Focus on core operations

Devoting more executive time and capital to grow your core business

Regulatory demands

Meeting challenging regulatory and compliance issues (DOT, FMCSA)

Driver hiring and retention

Minimizing driver recruitment and retention costs


Continuous service improvement

Creating ongoing service and operational gains


The Cardinal Advantage



  • Thousands of service-oriented drivers with specialized training and certifications.
  • Expert on-site managers focused on continually improving your business.
  • Founders with 100+ years combined industry experience actively engaged as part of your team.


  • Sophisticated recruiting, training, and retention programs ensure high-quality experienced drivers focused on safety and customer service.
  • Full visibility and control through Cardinal’s flexible and customizable transportation IT platform to deliver exceptional service to your customers.
  • Customer-centric continuous improvement process that delivers ongoing value to your business. 


  • Integrating our staff into your business and making it “our” business.
  • Fostering a reliable, long-term partnership with direct access to Cardinal executives.
  • Instilling a culture of customer service, safety, and quality where your success is our success.
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Learn which transportation solution is right for you

Some companies believe operating a private fleet gives them more control over their operating costs and a better customer experience. Other companies have found outsourcing to a dedicated fleet partner frees up precious capital and allows management to focus on building the core business rather than moving products and managing transportation complexities.

Download our Private vs Dedicated guide to learn which one is right for you.

Download private vs dedicated guide

Get all the perks of a private fleet without the headache of managing one

Speak with a Cardinal dedicated transportation representative



Private Fleet

A private fleet affords you complete control but along with that control come direct and hidden costs. The cost of trucks, trailers, and transportation IT consumes capital that could be invested in other areas of your business. Rising operating and maintenance costs coupled with increasingly complex insurance and regulatory compliance requirements must be monitored and managed using human capital.


Dedicated Fleet

An outsourced dedicated fleet program delivers the benefits of a private fleet but without the daily challenges of managing one. Your dedicated fleet partner recruits, trains, and manages drivers, guarantees capacity to meet fluctuating demand, leverages technology to provide full visibility across your transportation network, and shares in the risk and liability of the fleet so you can focus on growing your core business.